The ability to continuously write entertaining scripts, songs and different characters, and the fact that he could make people laugh during his performances, is why Poor Boy now has hilarious comedy skits available on his website and YouTube channel to keep his fans laughing and entertained. After years of working hard, usually 2 jobs at a time, writing songs, and recording them, Poor Boy has quite the selection of singles available for streaming and purchase, all with their own unique sound.

Jamaican born entertainer,  Toronto Poor Boy, was raised in Toronto group homes from the time he immigrated to Canada as a young teen until he was of legal age to be released on his own. The struggles and loneliness of not having a family, helped, Poor Boy, whose music has its own unique sound of hip hop mixed with reggae, rock and even pop, to discover writing lyrics, and expressing himself through music to stay out of trouble.

Poor Boy is also currently working on his first studio album which is set to be released in Spring 2020 so look out for it! 

Poor Boy’s growing popularity has helped him to achieve radio airplay in not only Toronto but in Australia and the UK. Hard work, interesting, powerful and meaningful lyrics as well as a unique sound unlike most artists, are why Poor Boy is already getting a huge following around the city. His mission: entertain the world.