From a young age, having to make his way on his own in Toronto, Toronto Poor Boy tells stories through his lyrics that listeners can relate to, based on their own experiences, from individual struggles to personal triumphs. As a ‘put your head down’ and make it happen kind of guy, his hard work and dedication to making a living, while making music at the same time, has produced interesting, powerful and meaningful songs, with a unique sound that is unlike most other artists.

“Although it can sometimes be hard to be focused on the future,” he offers. “We can all use a little reminder to celebrate the hard work, the time, and the effort we’ve put towards our goals, and our life.”

Born in Jamaica and raised in Toronto, Canada, Toronto Poor Boy has always dealt with the struggles that come with being raised as a foster child. This pain has been his muse— transformed to express and define his unique musical identity. Toronto Poor Boy shares with us an authentic and raw blend of reggae, rock, hip-hop and rap.

His unique background fuels his compelling and emotional songs of his past, interwoven with deep stories that are relatable to his audience. It’s this come up—from straits to the stage—that magnifies Toronto Poor Boy’s achievements in working hard to pursue his dreams of writing and performing. It’s his personal story that creates such rich and dynamic storytelling within the rapper’s music.

“Ultimately, it’s my goal to inspire those in my community. My message to everyone is to never give up and keep working on those ‘Big Dreams’.”

With radio airplay throughout Toronto, Australia and the UK, Toronto Poor Boy’s “Low Key” continues to set the stage ahead of his forthcoming debut studio album — available this Spring.

Hot on the heels of his late 2019’s single release, “Karma,” and 2020’s kick-off with “Big Dreams,” “Stronger Now” and “Low Key” continue to amplify the Jamaican-born entertainer’s dynamic blend of hip hop, rock and reggae, while drawing audiences to his magnetic online presence.

Toronto Poor Boy is only scratching the surface of his upcoming music career. Keep your head held high in anticipation for his upcoming album in spring 2020 and listen to his past works in the meantime from his singles featured on various streaming platforms, to his engaging music videos on YouTube. Experience Toronto Poor Boy’s unique hip hop experience and check him out today.